Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Waiting Game: Fun not included.

It's probably the most sarcastic game man has ever invented. But hey, we're stupid enough to play it. Granted, sometimes we don't really have a choice.  However, in those matters we should just call it what it is. For example, "I'm waiting on this person to give me an answer. Most likely they'll say no or they won't get back to me at all. At any rate, they win. I lose. I'm still the same poor schmuck I was before." That's an honest answer. But, people love to say they're playing the Waiting Game as if it's fun. Just because it has the word "game" in it, doesn't mean it's going to be a good time. "Oh really bro? Playing the Waiting Game? Deal me in." It's quite ironic because this "game" is actually playing you. You know damn well going into it that your chances aren't pretty. They're actually pretty friggin' terrible. Chances are you'll pass the time playing some other game (probably Parcheesi) just to make it through this "Waiting Game". There's a good chance you'll lose at that game too. More wasted time, which could have been prime time for getting wasted. Hmm. And there we go. The Waiting Game just got turned into a drinking game. Why not?

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