Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Waiting Game: Fun not included.

It's probably the most sarcastic game man has ever invented. But hey, we're stupid enough to play it. Granted, sometimes we don't really have a choice.  However, in those matters we should just call it what it is. For example, "I'm waiting on this person to give me an answer. Most likely they'll say no or they won't get back to me at all. At any rate, they win. I lose. I'm still the same poor schmuck I was before." That's an honest answer. But, people love to say they're playing the Waiting Game as if it's fun. Just because it has the word "game" in it, doesn't mean it's going to be a good time. "Oh really bro? Playing the Waiting Game? Deal me in." It's quite ironic because this "game" is actually playing you. You know damn well going into it that your chances aren't pretty. They're actually pretty friggin' terrible. Chances are you'll pass the time playing some other game (probably Parcheesi) just to make it through this "Waiting Game". There's a good chance you'll lose at that game too. More wasted time, which could have been prime time for getting wasted. Hmm. And there we go. The Waiting Game just got turned into a drinking game. Why not?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

You say you want a Revolution? No? Well, you’re getting one anyway—in the form of a TV show that is. What is it about? Basically, the power goes out everywhere around the world and humans are forced to survive without…well, power. It becomes a (dare I say) power struggle. Let’s hop on the survivalist show bandwagon and ride this out shall we? Advertisers hype it up and make it sound like this idea is going to splode (explode) due to an overabundance of originality. I understand the premise of the show. It’s actually not terrible. However, there are no redeeming qualities.

Take The Walking Dead for example. This is a great survivalist show. It works really well because humans try to survive in a world inhabited by zombies. Zombie show equals awesome. But that alone doesn’t make it a great show. It’s great because it’s well written, it has a superb cast, and it gets down to the meat and bones of human nature. Although it is a show about the walking dead, it is very much a show about the living—humanity and what keeps us alive. How about Falling Skies? Everybody loves an alien invasion, because to be human is to desperately want something that doesn’t exist to exist—much like zombies. Falling Skies has a similar concept but it doesn’t hit the same notes as The Walking Dead. It’s fun and suspenseful in its own right. However, The Walking Dead has stronger characters and better development of said characters. I’m interested in both aliens and zombies. But, I feel more invested in The Walking Dead.

Let's get back to Revolution. The characters in this show live in a world without electricity and that's the extent of it. As far as I can see, there aren't any zombies, aliens, monsters, terrorists or any real threats. So, what's the point? Are the characters just wandering around looking for a light switch? Because modern technology is obsolete at this juncture. How will they survive? Is it possible? There's no way of downloading that What happens if the lights go out app. They can't possibly survive. "Yes they can", says Jebidiah the wise old Amish man. Oh that's right. The Amish have been doing it for years, not to mention other cultures. So, we'll all join the Amish. Problem solved. Well, it doesn't solve the power issue, but we could live without it.

There is this show on TLC called Breaking Amish. It’s about four young Amish folk and one Mennonite who leave their villages to give New York City a try. Imagine if they finally arrive in New York City, and as they turn the corner to look at Times Square, the power goes out. They would be the angriest Amish/Mennonite people anyone has ever seen.