Thursday, July 14, 2011

"S" is for Superfluous

Why do people attach the letter "s" to the end of some words? Particularly store names such as WaWa or Walmart. Whether it's a plain "s" or an apostrophe "s", it doesn't make any sense.

I'm going to WaWas to get a Slim Jim and Jelly Krimpets.

No. That doesn't sound right you Greasy Teenager. First of all, Slim Jim and Jelly Krimpets? Really? That's hardly a well balanced snack or meal. Do they make Slim Jim flavored Jelly Krimpets or Jelly Krimpet flavored Slim Jims? No. Secondly, you can't add an "s" to the end of WaWa! Unless you say "If the first WaWa I go to doesn't have any Slim Jims (which they most certainly will), I'll have to go to another WaWa. In that case I'd be going to two WaWas." But how often would this occur? Finally, the WaWa slogan isn't Gotta Have A WaWas. It just isn't.


- Ryan

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