Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eww That Smell

There's this guy that comes into the office every once in a while. He smells. He even looks smelly. Now that's bad. Folks around the office often ask, "Did Mr. Smelly Pants come in?" Well, we don't know for sure that the smell is coming from his pants. But it's a pretty safe bet. Yeah, I'd bet my life on it. It's kind of a shame because everyone laughs at him behind his back. So it's like we always get the last laugh. Then I started thinking, what if he's stinky on purpose? What if it's his plan to stink up the place and piss us off? Well then I say touche because he gets the last laugh. But then again he still smells like shit. And he has to walk around like that all of the time just to prove something gross. There are other ways to piss people off; sanitary ways. Hmm. Yeah. In the end, I think it's safe to say that we would get the last laugh. Oh and Mr. Smelly Pants has children. Yeah, someone out there got all hot and smelly with this guy.

- Ryan

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